What is all about?

Presentator is an online presentation tool developed especially for web designers. Its main goal is to be simple as much as possible, ease to use, WITHOUT ads and any irritating restrictions like maximum number of projects, screens, comments, etc.

Is it similar to UXPin or InVision?

Yes and...No. The most obvious difference is that Presentator is completely free.
The other thing which differ Presentator from the above ones is that it doesn't have an option to create mockups or prototypes (at least for now). It is just a presantation tool.

What type of data Presentator collects?

Presentator doesn't collect any sensitive personal data. Only your email address is required in order to create your account (we will never send you an unwanted message or any other junk).

Are there are any terms and conditions?

Yes, you can read them here.

Is it Open Source?

Yes - GitHub!

Can I work with my team on the same project?

Yes, with v1.0 release it is possible a project to have more than one administrator.

Is there a way to integrate with PM softwares (eg. Redmine)?

Presentator has REST API, but so far there aren't developed plugins or modules.