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Posted at 13 Apr, 2017

Hi everyone!

As some of you may know during the beta, Presentator was translated in 4 different languages: English, Bulgarian, Polish (thanks to Agnieszka Fuksiewicz /sorry but not sure about the correct name, due to lost contact after migrations/) and Portuguese-Brazilian (thanks to Mateus Neves).

Unfortunately after v1 release the Polish and Portuguese-Brazilian translations are no longer relevant (except for some error messages) because of the added new text strings.

So right now one of the easiest way to help us to make Presentator better is to translate it in your own language.

Thanks to Transifex, we already got our own free and public account for Presentator:

View translation files

If you are willing to help us, feel free to click on "Help translate" button on Transifex project page to join as a contributor! With that service, you could choose to be notified for changes and new strings updates in the translation files.

In order to appreciate your help, I will put your name in the contributors list in GitHub.

Thanks again,

p.s. If you don't want to register to Transifex, please write us at and we will send you the translation files in a .zip archive.

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