Hidden features and shortcuts

Posted at 25 Jun, 2017

After some requests, with this blog post I hope to cover most of the "hidden" features of Presentator, that could help you improve your working process with the platform.

1. Bulk screens delete/move

Bulk screens select

To bulk select screens, you could either click on the checkbox of each screen or use the shortcut "Shift + Left click" over a screen. After you select a couple of screens, an additional control panel with the following options should show at the bottom of the page:

  • Delete the selected screens
  • Move the selected screens to another version (the select is active only if the project has more than 1 version)
Option to Copy a screen will be available in the next release.

2. Bulk hotspots delete/copy

Bulk hotspots select

You could select hotspots via the "Bulk select" option in the context menu OR by using the shortcut "Shift + Left click" over a hotspot. Similar to the screens, a control panel will pop up with options to delete OR copy the selected hotspots to another screen.

3. Quick hotspot duplicate

Hotspots copy

Often when I map a screen with hotspots I need to create multiple similar hotspots (eg. for nav menu). You could duplicate/copy a hotspot via the "Duplicate" context menu option OR by using the shortcut "Ctrl + Left click" over a hotspot.

4. Manage project admins

Manage admins

With v1.0 all Presentator projects could be managed by more than one administrator. To do that, you just have to click on the "Manage admins" button in the top left project sidebar corner.

5. Hotspots visibility toggle (Preview mode)

Hotspots visibility toggle

When the project is in a preview mode, the hotspots are hidden by default to prevent UI conflicts between the platform and the presented design. You could toggle their visibility with the shortcut "Shift + h".

If you have any other suggestions for keyboard shortcuts or improvements that could be made, feel free to let us know in the comment section below or through our GitHub issue page.

P.S. All demo screens are from https://bootstrapmade.com

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