v1.7.0 release notes

Posted at 08 Apr, 2018

Presentator.io is now updated to the latest v1.7.0 of the platform. Here is a short list with some of the changes:

  • Albanian translations
  • Hotspots transition effects
  • Super User/Admin level access
  • Minor UI bug fixes and optimizations
For those who host the platform on their own server:

For easier system administration you can now set Super User access rights (access to all system accounts and projects) to one or more registered users. Change the user's type column manually in your DB (0 - Regular, 1 - Super) or run the appropriate console commands:

# update to the latest version
php yii update

# sets Super User access
php yii users/super test@example.com

# sets Regular User access
php yii users/regular test@example.com
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