v1.11.0 release notes + road map

Posted at 16 Sep, 2018

Presentator.io is updated to the latest version of the platform - v1.11.0. Here is a short list with some of the changes:

  • GitHub and GitLab OAuth login (check githubAuth and gitlabAuth parameters)
  • Fixed incorrect reCaptcha login counter
  • Minor UI and performance tweaks
For those who host the platform on their own server

Please follow the update instructions.

Road map and future releases

Planning for Presentator v2 release has already started and therefore there will be 1 or 2 more releases for v1 at most.

Currently the following changes are prioritized for Presentator v2:

  • Decoupled structure with fully REST API based backend and Vue.js or React for the frontend
  • Configurations that will enable easier rebranding for self hosted users
  • Various hotspots features (templates, grid alignments, advanced bulk actions, etc.)
  • Usability testing and heatmaps
  • Better notifications handling

If you have any ideas for features that you would like to be included in Presentator v2, don't hesitate to add a comment or submit an enhancement ticket to our GitHub repo page.

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