v1.1.0 release notes

Posted at 30 Jul, 2017

Presentator.io is now updated to the latest v1.1.0 of the platform. Here is a short list with some of the changes:

  • Updated vendor dependency versions
  • Enabled changing comment positions for project administrators
  • New query parameters support for providing direct url to specific version, screen and comments/preview mode *

* The old hash style for direct urls to specific screen and version (eg. #v1-s1) is still supported and it is automatically converted to the the new url syntax.
Ex. Direct url to Preview mode for Version 1 and Screen 22: // m - mode
// v - version
// s - screen

If you host the platform on your machine, make sure to pull the latest changes from our GitHub repo and to run the migration script in order to apply the database changes.

# fetch latest changes
$ git pull origin master

# apply app DB migrations
$ php yii migrate/up

# apply tests DB migrations (optional)
$ php yii_test migrate/up
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