Presentator blog

v1.5.0 release notes

Posted at 11 Dec, 2017

Hotspots test tab for admins, autofit screen toggle, screen image replace...

v1.4.0 release notes

Posted at 13 Nov, 2017

Redesigned user settings page, option to change account email address after registration...

v1.3.0 release notes

Posted at 08 Oct, 2017

Added functionality to mention project commenters, new user setting, optional MailQueue support...

v1.1.0 release notes

Posted at 30 Jul, 2017

Enabled comments position update, providing direct urls to the different project modes, updated vendor dependencies...

v1.0.1 release notes

Posted at 09 Jul, 2017

Project versions naming, faster screen upload, retina designs support and many more...

Hidden features and shortcuts

Posted at 25 Jun, 2017

After some requests, with this blog post I hope to cover most of the "hidden" features of Presentator, that could help you improve your working process with the platform.

Presentator (beta) has launched image

Presentator (beta) has launched

Posted at 18 Apr, 2016

Presentator is a lightweight alternative to InVision, UXPin and other similar web presentation and prototyping softwares, but it's completely free and doesn't have any ads.